Verification Services for New Homes Serving All of Central Washington

(Energy Assessments of Existing Homes Please Click HERE!)

Performance Homes Process (1).png

Design Review

  • Review Plans and Suggest Possible Upgrades

  • Discuss Potential Qualifying Programs, Rebates and Tax Credits

  • Evaluate Potential Certifications

Design Charrette

  • Next Level Design Review

  • Include Subcontractors and Other Stakeholders

  • Avoid Costly Errors Such As:

    • Lack of Plumbing and HVAC Chases

    • Additional Backing Needed with Advanced Framing

  • Updates Made on Plans for Implementation on Site


  • Verify Installation of Rated Features Pre-Drywall On-Site:

    • Insulation Installation - Grade I, II, III

    • Window Measurements Including Overhangs

    • Identify Additional Air Sealing Opportunities.


  • Test, Don’t Guess Early in the Construction Process

  • A Blower Door Test Identifies Missed Air Sealing Opportunities

  • Seal Penetrations Before Hanging Drywall


  • Final Assessment of the Completed Home

    • Blower Door Test (Duct Blaster, if needed)

    • Health and Safety Assessment

    • Mechanical System Evaluation

  • Final Energy Model to Determine Energy Efficiency


  • Washington State Code Requires a Blower Door Test and Duct Blaster Test (if there are ducts in the home)

  • Testing is Compliant with State Requirements

  • Forms Are Completed for Submittal


  • Provide an Official HERS Index - Available to All Homes

  • Verify Rebates and Certification Program Eligibility

  • Assist with Preparation and Submittal of Paperwork for Rebates and Certifications

Utility Rebate Programs

Certification Programs