Test Don't Guess

By Megan Kramer, Performance Homes Consultant

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The diagnostic equipment has arrived! A blower door, duct blaster, 2 DG-700s and all the accessories. I am excited to start guiding home improvements and assess new homes. It is amazing how increased comfort, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency go hand in hand.

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Homeowners generally have a pretty good idea where the issues are in their home. The drafty window, cold or warm room, location of ice dams, or a bathroom where the moisture sticks around long after running the fan. However, homeowners often need strategies for making improvements or even just some help prioritizing. Diagnostic testing in combination with a visual assessment and a thorough understanding of the homeowners goals can inform a strategy for improvements. In many cases, a noticeable difference can be realized in a short amount of time. 


Homeowners generally leave things to the professionals in a new construction home. Third party testing can be a fantastic way to ensure they did their job to meet agreed upon expectations. If you are working toward a certification for your home, testing is generally necessary. You may be interested in certifying your home to ensure it is healthy, safe and comfortable while using the least amount of energy possible.

Just a few home certification programs include LEED, EnergyStar and Passive House. A great place to start researching these is the Whole Building Design Guide. In Washington State there is also Built Green which is prevalent in the Seattle area and expanding to the rest of the state.

To find out more about some basic diagnostic testing here are some great resources. I have blog posts under construction for each of these...

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