And Away We Go!

By Megan Kramer, Performance Homes Consultant

Certified Seal.png

I am fortunate to be working with Cornerstone Homes out of Yakima, WA on my first two official HERS Ratings since getting certified!

The Gall Home

The Gall Home incorporates a variety of unique features including spray foam insulation, Heat Pump Water Heater, ICF Foundation, and an HRV.

This 2500 sqft home meets the criteria for a Built Green 3-star home. This home has large overhangs to accommodate the large windows on the east side of the home installed to take advantage of the incredible views.

The Liner Home

The Liner Home went a little more above and beyond. This home incorporates Zip System sheathing which I was excited to see first-hand. We did a blower door test on this home pre-drywall which was incredibly informative and showed some interesting opportunities for improvement. Where the garage connected to the home, Zip System is no longer aligned, there were large air sealing opportunities. It was exciting to know these could be corrected before drywall was installed. After this was corrected, the home tested at 2.1 ACH@50 upon final inspection. The duct system tested low, but the builder is exploring ducts inside approaches and non-ducted systems for future projects.

This home incorporates better than code insulation a tankless propane water heater, above code windows, Energy Star appliances and LEDs throughout.

The Liner home earns the 4-star Build Green certification with a HERS Rating of 56. This home could have potentially been certified through Energy Star® as well. Unfortunately, we were not able to make that happen. Cornerstone is committed to Energy Star and is working toward that goal on future projects.