Smart... Affordable... Efficient...

By Megan Kramer, Performance Homes Consultant


This affordable duplex incorporated a tankless water heater, high efficiency furnace and innovative use of materials to qualify for a 3-STAR Built Green Certification and a rebate from Cascade Natural Gas.

CASCADE NATURAL GAS REBATE - $2000 rebate per unit

BUILT GREEN - 3-STAR Certification

  • Tankless Water Heater

  • High Efficiency Furnace

  • Insulated Slab and Stem Walls

  • Above Code Insulation and Windows

  • Native Landscaping

  • Minimum Site Impact

  • Advanced Water Management

  • LED Lights

  • Carpet Tiles

  • No Urea Formaldehyde

  • Durable. Repairable, Cleanable Surfaces

  • Minimum Construction Waste – 90% Recycled