Efficiency Rating Systems

There are so many different "Green" building rating systems available today. The goal of most, is to offer guidance to ensure your project is built to the highest standard within your budget while going beyond code to conserve resources. Determining which program, rating system and potential certification is right for you can be very confusing. The best fit will depend on some of these factors:  

Where is your project located? There may be a state or local program in addition to national programs.

Is the project residential, commercial or multifamily? There are different standards/certifications associated with all three.

Is this a retrofit project or new construction? Diagnostic testing strategies and contractor requirements vary.

What is the source of funding for your project if it is municipal or nonprofit / affordable housing? Often funding sources have requirements in addition to standard/certification programs. Often there is additional funding available for these types of projects if energy and water conservation technologies are employed. 

What is your utility company? Incentive programs for efficiency projects are almost always utility specific. 

I will help not only help determine the best program, but I will help get the paperwork in order. I can check the boxes, source the documents, review plans, communicate with program staff, coordinate verification and submit for review. 

Weather you just need a little help getting the paperwork done or need support throughout the whole process I can help!

Here are just a few of the programs I am familiar with...


  • Built Green

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

  • Energy Star

  • Living Building Challenge

  • Earth Advantage



  • Building Performance Institute

  • Water Sense

  • Passivhaus

  • WELL Building