Any new home can benefit from a second look by a verifier with a building science lens. A verifier is able to look at the whole picture at any stage of the project. We make suggestions and offer insights to improve comfort, energy efficiency, water conservation, health and durability. We can look at plans and come out to the job site. We look behind the scenes in attics and crawl spaces while recording mechanical system data and window overhangs. We look at the house as a system where all of the parts interact and affect each other. The many tools of our trade include big fans and gauges, fancy computer programs and sometimes just a garbage bag or sheet of toilet tissue. There are A LOT of acronyms that we use way too much and love to see new and innovative idea, materials and products installed in homes. Often the simplest most elegant designs really catch our eye - an intelligent use of space or handcrafted built-in. We help you build better, whether you are a production builder, build a few custom homes a year, develop large acres of land or this is your very first project for you and your family. Let’s Talk - no matter what stage of the process you are in… We like to help!

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